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Thread: Best survivable PvE tab-DoT build

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    Default Best survivable PvE tab-DoT build

    I'm looking for a lazy battlefield poisoner type of class. I'm only interested in PvE solo leveling...

    I like to stack either HoTs and DoTs or drain DoTs.

    I also like pets

    So I'm guessing probably something like either necro/warlock/chloro or inq/warden/druid

    Any pointers, ideas, advice?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I am a Cleric so can give you an idea from my perspective, maybe other people can give idea's for their classes. for what you want you are limited for survivability vs damage output since a lot of solo builds don't use many DoTs. 2 builds I have played with and can recommend is;

    Inquisitor (just add points to Inq once you reach this point)
    Druid is only in this build early for the healing pet (or tanking, upto level 30 if you prefer) and the instant Tricksters bolt since BoJ isn't instant till level 58. also the additional Eruption of Life adds a bit extra damage. since both of these are life it will synergise with Inquisitors life and death concord mechanic once you get it and also to Conviction gains for Doctrine of Bliss if you need the top up heals.

    just add points into the cab and defiler trees where you feel they are needed while levelling. eventually you should end up with a build simular to this at level 60. mainly use you pet/beacon to take the threat (stationary pet) which will group the mobs for some AoE fun.

    Both links are to the minimum requirement for the build to be successful, hence the low amount of points spent (unsure of your level so don't know what you have access to) and have a few DoT's to keep you happy

    For level 60 id recommend using either the Cab/Def build above for more AoE farming/multi mob destruction or use something like this (if you have Oracle soul) or this (if you only have the base souls). the second has more DoT's but slightly lower healing/damage output as the Oracle has a healing boost, shield proc and a few extra buffs.

    most solo builds for Clerics have Justicar off soul for the 0pt Salvation ability that procs a small heal on you when ever you deal damage, but note that it only works for the first tick of each DoT once applied on the target enemy.

    For the best Solo build in the game I would recommend Druid/Justicar. has the most survivability, includes tanking/healing/dps pets that can be changed with just a 2s cast, high DPS output with ok AoE damage, easy to play (1-3 buttons depending on level of laziness) and as a bonus can help support healers in dungeons especially with the healing pet active. Link to the level 60 build

    As for Mages I believe a Warlock/Chloro combination is a bit DoT heavy, for rogues NB/Sin is a decent choice (levelled my rogue with that combination) with some DoTs, Warrior....no clue sorry.
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