Good Evening!

So this will be the last in my class wardrobe series that show cases some original concoctions that I came up with. Being as Rift, though with many flaws in the game, has the best wardrobe/vanity system that I know in any MMO. As always, I am open to feedback and please do share some of yours with us! I am always interested in what others have come up with in this environment of huge variety of appearances!

Without further ado, these are my warrior designs!:

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Tempest Magnus

Death mace Ice Sword

Do you even Rift, Brah?

Golden Juggernaut

Should I tank it?

Dominatrix, Angel or Devil?

Battle Angel Ishundarr!

Thank you for viewing, this concludes my own compilations thus far. If your interested in my other unique designs based on class look no further!

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