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Thread: Help to choose a class

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    Default Help to choose a class

    I've already made my mind up with regards to PVE instances (raids & dungeons) (Purifier/Inquisitor & Warlock/Dominator). These two are the extroverts. The party-goers.

    My third and final character should be a soloist. The introvert. Self reliant (mitigation or self healing) enough to stay alive, higher DPS than the snorefest of leveling a tank and support abilities for PVP (battlegrounds).

    Are there any good souls that falls into two or more of these categories?

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    The question doesn't make much sense, but I think that's because you're not familiar with Rift's soul system.

    Basically, you know WoW's dual specs? Imagine that cranked up to eleven. You can have up to twenty different specs that you can swap between freely, as long as you're out of combat. No one will ever say "my character is a Purifier", because if your character is a cleric, you can and should play most, if not all, of the cleric souls.

    In Rift, you do not play a soul or a combination of souls, you play your class, which means having multiple builds that you switch between as the situation requires.

    For instance, earlier today, I ran a dungeon on my rogue. I used three different specs for different fights in that dungeon. Then I switched to a solo spec and started cleaving my way through packs of mobs in the Dendrome. If I had wanted to, I could have then swapped to a tanking build and tanked a dungeon or raid, or used Physician to heal.

    In this case, every thing that you've talked about in your post is something that every single class can do, and do well.

    You absolutely can have multiple characters of different classes. A lot of people do, myself included. But if you think of those characters as just using one spec, you're missing the point and potential of the game.
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    I agree with Muspel, if you think of Characters as roles/specs then you need to take another look at the soul system and understand how it works to its fullest.

    if you are from a strict RP background and want to make characters designed and built upon a specific mindset or role then I can see where you are coming from. only issue is in the end game you will have a hard time keeping all those characters geared at the right progression level. Also finding a guild/group that will allow you to use multiple characters for any raiding will be difficult since most usually nominate a Main that goes to most raids with alts filling role voids if any.

    to answer your question about "levelling/solo" play souls I would take a look at Druid (Cleric), Harbringer/Chloromancer (Mage), Nighblade/Tactician(or Physician) (Rogue) and Warlord (Warrior).
    These may not be the best (I don't keep upto date with all the classes, but are the builds I turned to for levelling/soloing) but they should offer decent damage capabilities while having the survivability your are after. in terms if a raiding DPS scale most of these will be mid-low (but still competitive in most cases) as to get the highest DPS you have to sacrifice some survivability to do so.

    if you find a Class you prefer take a look in that classes guide section here on the games forums and you should find some guides on levelling/solo builds that you can browse through and tweak to suit your playstyle if needed.

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