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Thread: Class names changed?

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    Default Class names changed?

    I have just returned to Rift on a new account after a year or so and I noticed that the likes of Necromancer and Elementalist are no longer in Mage. I'm pretty sure Elementalist is now changed to Summoner and Necromancer is now Gravelord. Someone told me that I have Presets enabled and if I disable them then the names will be back to normal. So, just wondering how do I do that? Or was there an update that changed the names to Gravelord, Summoner etc? Also, I chose Gravelord so in the Soul Tree, the middle says Necromancer, the right says Pyromancer and the left says Elementalist so the names are normal in-game put in the character selection they are different. Trying to find Storm Caller but no idea what the name changed to.
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    The names of the souls have not changed. What you're seeing are the names of various preset builds. You can still access the old souls by pressing the "close" button on the lower-right of the in-game soul tree menu when it asks you to select a preset.

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