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Thread: 3.0 Class Points / New Skills at 65?

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    Default 3.0 Class Points / New Skills at 65?

    With 3.0 and 5 extra levels, will it just mean 5 extra points to spend on the soul tree or will there be any new high tier skills?

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    61-65 will grant neither more soul tree points or tiers in the existing trees.

    Instead there will be a new pool of talents for level 61 and above only called "Masteries". You get to pick one of these new talents per level above level 60. They will also be unique to your calling rather than your soul (Rogue, Warrior, Cleric and Mage will all have different "mastery trees").

    Apparently they will mostly be passives but they will include things that will make certain souls synergize in ways they do not currently. What, specifically, that means is anyone's guess at this point, however.
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    Heres hoping one of them will be "Deadly dance now affects all builders"
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    Clerics will get ability to run far away from fights called chicken force run - he will run to respawn point while imune to dmg from mages only.
    Mages will get to summon magic broom to get away from combat to safe distance, imunity to cleric dmg only (respawn point).
    Warriors will get more hp passive (+ 100k health).
    Rogues will get fatality - 75% chance to kill clerics and mages with the first attack but if it does not kill it, targets will do suicide with a magic dagger (10 sec cd), and 50% chance to kill a warrior with the same suicide attempt but with aoe bomb.
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