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Thread: Confused about classes (where are they?)

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    Default Confused about classes (where are they?)

    Completely new to the game here, I'm just making my first character and it's asked me to choose a class - I chose Mage, but now it's asking me to choose a "purpose".

    I thought the Mage specs were things like Warlock, Archon, Pyromancer etc but none of them have names like that... it's all Reaper, Leafblade, Summoner and I have no idea what is what.

    I wanted to choose Warlock, but have they all been removed/replaced or something?

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    The purposes are just prebuilt specs, and IMO, they really shouldn't be on the character creation screen because it confuses people all the time.

    Once you get in-game, you can choose not to follow the purpose (or you can respec at any time by talking to your class trainer).

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    Well, let's get some terminology down:

    Calling - these are the game's "classes", they are warrior, cleric, rogue and mage.

    Soul - these are the 10, I guess you could call "subclass" within each calling

    Role - a combination of 3 souls.

    Purpose - preset roles that you choose at character creation, but you can ignore that by not saying to let the game spend points automatically once you're in the game. you can choose your own combination of 3 souls by pressing N in game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiskerton View Post
    Well, let's get some terminology down:

    Calling - these are the game's "classes", they are warrior, cleric, rogue and mage.

    Soul - a talent tree with a focus on a certain play style in combat (e.g. Blade Dancer, Inquisitor, Pyromancer, Champion, ect.)

    Role - a place in group content that either relates to healing, tanking, damage, or support.

    Purpose - preset combination of souls made for newer players that aren't accustomed to Rift's style of talent trees. While you are forced to choose a purpose at the character creation screen you can easily ignore the purpose and just put points into whatever soul you want.
    Did some touch-up for you :P

    Honestly though Trion either needs to go back and introduce a small terminology page for their class system before a player can pick a calling, or do a little bit of rewording to make this problem vanish. It wouldn't take a whole lot of time and it would cut down on all of the forum questions about it.

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