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Thread: Problem with class

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    Default Problem with class

    Hey, so I leveled up my warrior to 15 lvl and I bought a new role, so I want to try build which includes champion, paragon and tempest, the problem is that, that there isn't tempest in selection, is tempest unlocked in 60 lvl?

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    Tempest is part of the Storm Legion soul pack, which you have to buy with credits. With it you also get Harbinger for mages, Defiler for clerics, and Tactician for rogues. Those souls were originally bundled with the Storm Legion expansion pack, but now that Rift is ftp, everything in the SL expansion is free except for the souls, and it's the same with the 3.0 expansion that's on the horizon (the 3.0 souls have been out since patch 2.7 though). Just think of it as buying an expansion, because the money you spend on souls goes towards making the expansions and whatnot.

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