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Thread: [Help] Tanking as a Warrior

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    Default [Help] Tanking as a Warrior


    Although I've been playing for a couple of months, I guess I'm fairly a newbie to the game.
    Tanking is a role I greatly enjoy in raiding. I've already played all the four classes to at least level 40 and Warrior is the one that mostly goes with my style, but the only thing holding me back from playing it as much as Cleric, is my hardship tanking as a Warrior, specifically keeping threat in multiple monsters.

    I know that for most of you it must sound really stupid, but it's a fact, I don't really know how to tank as a Warrior. The only reason I can successfully tank as a Cleric, is pretty much because of Mien of Leadership, (no disrespect or insult to Cleric players, especially because I'm one of them) which makes tanking groups mindless.
    I already tried Paladin, with it I can somehow keep a group "aggroed", but I notice not as effective as Cleric. I've read guides too and tried to apply it.
    I don't really know 100% how threat is generated, as in, if you have to use AE skills to build threat in a group, or if you have a level of threat that simply makes all mobs attack you.

    So, that's it. I'm sorry if I seem "noobish", but I would really appreciate if you would explain me the basics and/or give me some hints.
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    Use tank abilities to hit enemies, and they will stick to you like glue.

    Abilities from within tanking souls have extremely high threat multipliers that, unfortunately, are not noted on the tooltips.

    For specific information on the rotation for a given soul, take a look at some of Roughraptor's warrior tanking guides.

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    Void Knight holds AoE aggro a great deal better than Paladin and is more enjoyable to play. The problem with Void Knight is that it's pretty squishy with only one good cooldown. Kind of wish Vladd would hurry up and even out the mitigation between Paladin and Void Knight like he mentioned months ago. But he has a really big workload so I guess I'll just have to be patient.

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