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Thread: New to Rift - Looking to heal

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    Default New to Rift - Looking to heal

    I have raided in many games and have decided to give RIFT a go. I am interested in being a healer as I find healing more fun than DPS or tanking. I consider myself very good at raid mechanics as well as class knowledge (for other games I've played) so please do not advise me to choose "X Class" because it's the easiest to learn. Believe me, I'll learn the ins and outs before I hit level cap. I just want to narrow down the list a bit as RIFT has many options.

    I'm also not looking to roll a class that is faceroll and overpowered. I'd like to roll a class that provides solid healing (single target or AoE does not matter, though I prefer a hybrid of the two) and also good raid utility. Generally speaking, I'd like to roll a class that people want in a raid (but again, not looking for a faceroll class) that I can master & play for a while.
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    If what you are looking for is a healing class that doesn't require you to spend $50 dollars, isn't OP, and isn't easy to play then go with Cleric.

    Problem with the Cleric though is you won't find any of their heal spec's that can do both ST and AOE heals outside a Expert Dungeon.

    If you are willing to spend $50 dollars and are looking for a non-OP healing class then don't spend the $50 dollars and go with cleric.

    If you are wanting a OP healing class that can easily switch from ST to Raid and is the preferred healing class inside Expert Dungeons and Raids go with Mage. However they have a very simple rotation and are not challenging at all. They also do their healing by dmg, get a Raid DPS increase, decreases the mana cost of all their Groups abilities....etc. Basically amazing healer.

    If you are wanting a healing class and are willing to spend $50 dollars and don't mind it being a OP class that's easy to play with a simple rotation but doesn't increase the Raids DPS, decrease the mana cost of all their Group abilities, etc go with Rogue for ST heals (best in game) or Warrior for AOE heals (best in game for throughput).

    Hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mumnoch View Post
    If you are willing to spend $50 dollars
    It's $35, not 50.
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    Just a quick run down, excluding the new souls since I don't have them yet.

    Cleric choices:
    Sentinel - great single target, a good number of useful cooldowns, preferred healing class for pvp, more viable for 5 man than 10-20 man due to lack of aoe heals.

    Warden: ok for leveling while healing, not a great option for later dungeons because most of its heals are not bursty. It's more moderate aoe heals and a variety of heal over time spells. Largely considered fluff healing at later game but still has its place when more than one healer is needed, and main heals are covered.

    Defiler: haven't played with this one much. Has some small aoe heals, midrange ST heals. Its main contribution is damage mitigation through links.

    Purifier: good dungeon healer once you know the mechanics. Not a lot of reactive spells, a lot of shielding. A lot of things need to be precast to handle incoming heavy damage. I've read its great in pvp at endgame but at 54 seems sentinel is the better option.

    Chloromancer: mage's only healing soul. Most healing comes through damage, moderate aoe heals with a few abilities to handle spike damage if timed correctly.

    Warriors and rogues recently acquired healing souls but I can't comment yet. I've rolled with a few rogues recently that had more HPS than traditional healing classes but higher HPS doesn't always equate to better heals for a given situation. I've yet to run with a healer warrior, no idea how they do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disciplines77 View Post
    I am interested in being a healer as I find healing more fun than DPS or tanking
    One thing to bear in mind, if you didn't know about this already, is the diversity of the Rift Soul system.

    Your one char can now do everything with a different role (spec) for each situation. For example, your Cleric, if you pick that calling, can Tank, Heal, DPS and now Support all on the same char and all switchable in a second out of combat.

    Think of it like World of Warcraft's 'dual spec' but instead of just two specs, you can have up to 20 different specs (roles) that you can switch between.

    This means you don't have the painful option of trying to quest and level up as a Healer, simply swap to one of the many DPS roles, melee, melee with pet, ranged, ranged with pet etc and then be able to swap back to your multiple Healer specs for dungeon/raids, be it Single Target focused, AoE healing focused....the World is your oyster

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