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Thread: Sin solo build questiin

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    Default Sin solo build questiin

    Hi guys I'm a returning level 50 and have a question about my solo to 60 build. I'm wanting to play that stealthy assassin build and was wondering if it's better to go with 51 sin with 8rs for the healing or 4tact for the heals or both. My end build would look something like...

    51 sin 8rs 7tact (my attempt to get the most self healing)

    I'm mainly looking for some advice on tweaking my build around a sin build and I didn't find a lot of solo sin builds on the forums. I'm also open to using the new phys soul with the sin soul if that would be better.

    Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    11rift/4tact will give you more survivability (one in phantom blow, then wherever). if you have physician, it would be better than tact for self-healing.
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