So bard or oracle
I was reading on the forums that bards are obsolete. I'm a little disappointed but does anyone have any ideas to make bards awesome again? i noticed the buffs damage wise to bards and it was an incredible dps increase, But oracle Oracle (from what i have been reading) replaces bards "fluff" healing with shields that can be on for more than 90% of all fights. they also have better dps than bards on average. anyone have any ideas that could make bards awesome so we wont be second string to oracle?

I was looking over the soul tree and root for bard and came up with some ideas feel free to comment and PROVIDE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.

Cadence- i don't see bards using this ability anymore or to a very low extent maybe remove it and add the effects of invigorated soul to cadenza. Another idea was to make it like a large CD and make it heal like a moderate amount to everyone effected by motif of regeneration.

Motif of encouragement(purity)- still is a WTF ability its completely useless ability this can turn into a 10 man cleanse or something just as awesome like then next debuff thats cleanse-able will be blocked instead of being applied for the next 5 sec.

Anthem of competence- i actually like the ability but we are wasting a spot in the tree improved Anthem of competence should have its ability built in to the ability.

Verse of joy (and other abilities of its type)- i love this ability except for the mana portion of it i think we should up the amount it returns from its current number to about 320/s shyt i would even settle for 250.

Verse of occlusion- personally i use it any chance i get but wow this CD is so long for (what i believe) too little. i would either make the CD 1 min or let it be affected by Modulation.

Power cord- Should just be a purge with no or little dps on it.


Stage presence and Street performer should be combined.

Chord of Inspiration- Something like the target of your power cord gets a debuff when your power cord successfully purges the target increasing the damage they take by X over X seconds by all party and raid members. im thinking since bard is the healing support it could be a healing ability like tacticians Curative remote after a successful purge.

Defening music- good ability but i would rather be a increase attack power by 5%.

Those are my ideas, so please any good constructive comments will do. please bring some ideas to the table if they are good enough Vladd might implement them. try your best to stay on topic or this would turn into some raging teenagers trying to prove who has a bigger....