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Thread: Any suggestions?

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    Default Any suggestions?

    Hello there. I've just recently started playing rift and I really don't know what class to choose from.I would like to know what class does good DPS,melee and can level by itself(been playing rogue tends to die a lot).Also no pets, i hate pets(I find them quite annoying).So if there is a class like that please suggest it, cause i really don't know.Thank you in advance

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    Every single class can do this. (Including rogues. It's likely that you were not using the right rogue spec for leveling.)

    Clerics use pets in their solo spec, but don't need them for DPS at max level. (Druid is the solo spec and uses a pet, but Shaman does higher DPS and will be what you use for melee DPS in endgame dungeons and raids.)
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