Hey guys (first post),

I'm about to start playing with my dad (yup we've crushed many a game together) and am a bit overwhelmed with the wide range of builds. Most of our gameplay will likely be together or guild based so I was hoping that all of the bright and experienced minds that fill the forum might lend me some knowledge. I'm no beginner to MMOs.. only to Rift

My dad doesn't want to be a tank but other than that doesn't care too much (old man voice: Oh and I don't want to push a lot of buttons! .. but I told him to suck it up )

Anyway I'd like anything other than a mage. Tank/ranged/cleric/support/debuff .. etc. What do you think would be an incredibly devious set to complement each other. Try to prevent one of us from ONLY healing if that's in anyone's thoughts.

I do very much appreciate any input that can be given. Very excited to dive into this game after my final on Friday.