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Thread: Me and friend need help!

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    Default Me and friend need help!

    Me and a friend are going to try out rift. We plan on doing plenty of pvp and partying together. What would be two classes that synergize and lvl together well?

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    All of the Callings ("Classes") can (or soon will be able to) play the Tank, DPS, Heal, and Support roles. So "Class synergy" may not be an issue. They Callings/Classes are more about play-style. And even withing those Callings, the play-style can vary; Cleric DPS, for example, can be Melee, Ranged, or a "Hybrid" of the too. And all four Callings can play as a "pet" class, meaning you can summon battle companions.

    So my answer is, which Calling would you both like to play? That's probably more important than which Callings work best together.

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    Yeh thats what I would of said, its doesnt really matter what goes together, it pure depends on what you fancy playing.

    I suppose the normal answer would be one dps and one heals, but as more of the callings have some type of heal you really dont need a dps and healing class like other games.

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