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Thread: Melee dps builds with pets?

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    Default Melee dps builds with pets?

    I'm reletivly new to much of Rift, returning player and all. I just got done with WoW, playing mostly as a unholy Death knight, and I like melee+pets as a dps playstyle.

    I've seen a Harbinger/elementalist hybrid build that looks like it could be a lot of fun.

    Warrior might look like this?

    You nail all of the pet buffs, save Cunning Ruse, and get all of the key points to raise DPS, the only thing you loose by not going 61 is the last two cooldowns. I don't play warrior, so i don''t know the value of those CDs

    possible Harbinger/necro combo

    Hits all the key abilities in harb, and is gonna be casting Corpse Talon (at 5 deathly calling) and Plague Bolt for free quite a bit with Eldrich armor and epidemic procs. Use Desecrate to reset Calling for some good dps. Pet is the Revenant. 10 points in elementalist for extra pet damage.

    Rogue's dps pet comes at 30 or so points dumped into Ranger, a (suprise suprise) range soul, and cleric doesn't really have a dps pet.

    pretty much, what I'm seeing is that by having a pet, loose CDs and abilities later in the tree, question is, is it worth it? Any thoughts?
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    Harbinger/Elementalist or harbinger/necromancer is pretty much the only way you can get it with mage

    For warrior, any combo with beastmaster will do the trick, however know that beastmaster is a support spec, not a dps spec. I believe that on the rare occasions beastmaster is used instead of archon, they use a 48bm/28para spec.

    Rogues, the only decent way you can do it is either 40sin/36rng or 41sin/35rng (trust me there's a big difference there).

    Clerics have a melee pet dps spec in 61 druid.
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