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Thread: Most loved calling/class

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    Default Most loved calling/class

    I wonder...

    Everyone on the forums seems to be claiming some calling or soul is bad, broken or too powerful, so I wonder, if you can think of which one do you love!?

    I love my cleric. Before the Storm Legion I wanted to play the justicar, it was so incredible to heal by hitting things... but I don't remember much from that time by now. Though I still love him - hybridizing him is quite hard. The purifier after rework is totally fine... and I am looking forward to see cabalist made functional again.

    I like my mage too: I leveled her in her 30-50s in warfonts only, as the dominator, and I think this was a real fun soul. Stormcaller for soloing - I could pull whole rift and AoE it down xD. Too bad it is simply weaker than others. Then there is the new warlock, and since I combined her with chloromancer, she has immense damage and survivability in SL zones. But it seems like it's so easy be a good mage. Too easy - and as cleric I envy.

    Then there is my warrior. All the charging, pulling and buffing... but I love her too. Void Knight is a bit invincible soul to level with, and warlord has so much power... it feels great, showing all the storm legionnaires how it's done. Not to mention the undying paladins in old expert dungeons... when boss wiped us all, he was able do get him down from half hp by using all survival cooldowns... just awesome.

    Rogue? I don't play rogue much, but when I do, then saboteur, which is rather fun, than effective, and bladedancer, for his dueling playstyle. Others I feel averted against, maybe it's because I had rather bad experience with them in groups and warfronts.

    I wondere if there are still players who think romantic...

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    I imagine there are hard numbers to look at. Which class is played most, etc.

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    My toons are lowbies but so far i'm loving both.

    Ran my mage as mainly Chloro and it was really fun( could use more utility in pvp, but fun nonetheless), recently got harbinger soul and is it fun (although why the melee soul on a MAGE is it's strongest dps spec is beyond me, ******ed fun though.)
    i spec a bit into chloro to get the lifebound/or lifegiving veil and cleave stuff with reaper blade/lucent and do a fair amount of support heals in WF.
    My cleric is puri and it's pretty fun as well, I need to work on a defiler build and figure out how to play it effectively.
    I'm sure as soon as I get more levels/abilities they will be even funner. Mage is sittin at 41-42 and Cleric is around 17 I think.
    I'm always looking for advice and tips so if anyone has any, I'd appreciate them.

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