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Thread: Resource Revision

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    Default Resource Revision

    I really dislike the current resource's the way that they are set up, this leave warriors, and Rogues feeling very similar (Paragons are plate rogues....) So, I had an idea on how to make each calling feel more unique...

    Something along the lines of....

    Mages - "Charge"
    No longer spend mana, there core spells build charge, that they unleash in the form of charge for bigger spells. (Damage is scaled by the amount of charge spent on the spell... I.E. if a spell costs 50 charge, you can still cast it with less, however it will deal less damage, proportionate to the amout of charge spent, so if you spent 25 charge on said spell, if that spell deals 1000 damage base (Full charge), it would in turn deal 500 damage spent at half charge.)

    Warrior - Bloodlust
    Whenever a Warrior deals or recieves damage he or she gains a certain amount of "Bloodlust" As his/her bloodlust increases, it increase damage from abilties by a certain%, it will also increace/decrease the damage he or she recives. (Bloodlust will decrease recived damage for tank) Certain abilities will burn bloodlust
    (Currently W.I.P)

    Rogues - Combo
    Rogue skills no longer spend energy, however, instead, they only become available based on the number of combo points he or she has attached to his or her target... (Combo points no longer apply to the rogue, but rather his or her current target. (A.O.E would apply Combo points to all mobs effected.)
    Starters - Are only available with 1 point, and Finishers only available with 5 points, ect...

    Clerics - Faith
    Whenever a cleric casts a spell, he or she gains faith. The amount of faith he or she gains is dependent on the spell he or she casts. Whenever his/her faith pool is filled an effect occurs depending on his or her dominant soul (I.E. Most points.... if there is an equal amount the player may choose what effect to use.) For example, a Purifier would cast an absorption shield around X number of party/Raid members.

    Now these are simply ideas, I would never assume or expect Trion to actually use them, but it's fun to think about, how Trion can further separate the play styles of the different callings, specially with 3.0 around the corner, with each calling being able to DPS/Heal/Tank.

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    More buff to warriors and rogues? lol NO.

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