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Thread: Tanking stats

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    Default Tanking stats

    So someone in my guild chat is claiming that in Rift dodge, parry, block and deflect are all "useless against bosses" because "all boss attacks are unblockable, unparryable, undodgeable, etc."

    Is this true? It seems unlikely from my perspective for the Rift developers to do that, as it would entirely defeat the point of having tank specific stats and gear.

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    Block/deflect, parry and dodge is mostly there to let you see it's a tanking piece, ie. your guildie is correct.

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    boss MECHANICS are undodgable, unblockable and unparryable. these usually have a name, ie, Crucia's Lightning Breath, Typhiria's Tempest of Agony

    boss ATTACKS are dodgable, blockable and parryable. attacks are the ones which dont have a castbar/name.

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    Like Doomgiver said, the only things that are avoidable are autoattacks. (And even then, some bosses like Salvarola and Regulos don't even have autoattacks in the first place.)

    Since boss autoattacks do not deal significant burst damage, they pretty much never cause any tank deaths, while those unavoidable mechanics are the tank-killers that deal high spike damage. Thus, avoidance is worthless and effective health (endurance/armor/resistance) are invaluable.

    Tanks use tanking gear because it has higher endurance than DPS gear, not because it has avoidance. (Also, because it has Toughness on it.)
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