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Thread: DPS Spam Macros...

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    Default DPS Spam Macros...

    So, I have been playing around a bit in this game and so far I am enjoying the game. However, I have been looking around the internet (youtube) and I am seeing dps guides that essentially say "1. spam this macro 2. do lots of dps 3. ????? 4. profit....".

    I am used to games like WoW and having a one button spam macro makes me really uncomfortable.

    Are these one button spam macros the end all be all?

    Thanks to anyone who can provide insight.

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    Some classes/souls have easy to use and set up macros which make them even easier to play, for example, Marksman. Whilst others, it's best to not set up macros and actually use your brain to play and determine which button to press for which ability/spell at the time.

    Unfortunately, the easy class(es)/soul(s) that can set up macros and be even easier to use, can be better then those that can't exactly set up macros and make life easier. Point being, on souls that you need to have so many buttons and fingers available for all the spells/abilities, there isn't always a plus side and easy side for them.. But, in the right hands, those souls that im referring to are very strong and rewarding in the end.

    You don't need to have macros, it is really up to you what you want to do. If you feel more comfortable playing without macros, then by all means, go for it. Some times macros can actually make things worse, rotations for example and lower your DPS. Some times it can affect PvP side of things also because you might have certain spells in a macro you didn't want to cast just yet on someone or a kick back spell you've put in which defeated the purpose of using at that time.

    It's up to you what you want to do and if you're good at not needing macros, it shows you're a better player and it's more rewarding for yourself and that's my opinion.

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    Macros aren't really end-all be-all. Most macros only contain two or three spells that are generic enough to be put together or perform different functions (like ranged and melee). There are some specs that aren't macro-able at all. However, a large majority of the rotation is dots, combat buffs and cooldowns that need to be managed. Many people will encourage you to place your skills on separate buttons and use them without macros.

    In a way, the gameplay is the same as wow. it's just that instead of one spell to spam, it's a macro.

    That being said, there ARE specs that are better played completely macro-ed (saboteur being the prime example people like to use). But it's not like you need to play them, there are other choices.
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