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Thread: Difference between classes?

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    Default Difference between classes?

    I've tried reading about the classes and understanding this whole soul skill tree thing but it's gotten me rather confused. At first glance, it seems like all the classes can do pretty much anything. Warriors for example, are generally melee only characters in games but I see then there seems to be a way to make him a spell caster instead? Or the Cleric can be a healer or a spell caster or a tank?

    So I was just wondering, what are the differences between them? Is there any real benefit to playing as a mage over a caster warrior for example? And does it matter which class you choose if they can all do pretty much everything?

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    You'll get some people complaining about balance between which classes can do what, and yadda yadda (happens in every game).
    None of this will really matter to you when starting out, though. And so long as you're having fun that's what matters.

    So here's a general breakdown of the Callings (aka classes).

    Warrior - Mostly melee dps, one ranged dps soul, tanks.
    Cleric - Mostly healing, have both melee and ranged dps, tanks.
    Rouge - Mostly dps both melee and ranged, support, and tanks (by dodging instead of armor).
    Mage - Mostly ranged dps, one melee dps, one healing.

    Each calling has 8 starting souls, from the original game, and 1 additional (each) that can be purchased as expansion souls.
    You don't need the expansion souls to play, but they are fun, and most agree, worth it.

    When you set up a character, you're picking a calling that you think fits your style. From there, you'll be prompted to pick a style to play when creating the character. These are NOT permanent and can be changed easily.
    Those pre-made selections are just groups of souls that help out new players who otherwise don't know how to build a character.

    When it comes to the souls and point allocation, you will get three soul slots. You can place any of the 8 (or 9) souls into any of these three slots. The order doesn't matter. Can only use a soul once in the setup. One you have a soul in place, you can allocate points into it. You get more points as you level up. You cannot have more points in a soul than your current level. You'll have more points than your level, so you'll need to put them in other souls.
    Any soul that does not have any points spent in it can be swapped out for any other soul at any time (so long as you're not in combat). Points that have been spent in a soul can be reset at a class trainer, so you can swap out souls and redo the points.

    You save the setup (souls, points in souls, and action bars) as a role. You start with, if I recall correctly, 2 roles. You can get more later if you want more. I personally have 8 or 9.

    If you want to play around with how the soul tree and points work, I'd suggest checking out the RiftHead Soul Tree Calculator.

    To really get a feel for how the trees work, just start up a character and pay attention to what it's guiding you through once you're in game and leveling. It explains it fairly well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meoka2368 View Post
    Mage - Mostly ranged dps, one melee dps, one healing.
    Mage also has support (Archon)

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    Quote Originally Posted by meoka2368 View Post
    Warrior - Mostly ranged dps soul, tanks.
    Cleric - Mostly everything.
    Rouge - Melee dps, support, and tanks.
    Mage - Melee dps, melee support and one healing.
    Fixed that for ya

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