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Thread: help me im lost and I dont know where I am!!!

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    Default help me im lost and I dont know where I am!!!

    As a brand new player to rift I am completely overwhelmed with all of the soul choices.

    Let me start off by saying I don't have SL souls... yet... However, after playing a few characters to level 10 or so and browsing the forums for a bit I am torn between a few decisions as to what my path will be to 60

    I am all about mobility and survivability while not sacrificing DPS. For me coming from other MMOs this traditionally means a warrior. However, after reading the forums for a bit I have come to find that with all the soul choices out there every class can play a distinct role.

    Now from what I have gathered, with the class that I choose I will pretty much be playing most of the souls associated with it. I have almost convinced myself that I will be happy with most of the warrior class souls. I was thinking warlord/champ for leveling, Paragon at 60 for raid dps, and maybe tempest or warlord for PVP.. These are all choices I am happy with because I think I will enjoy the gameplay of all the souls.

    But after deliberation I am having a hard time not finding cleric as a viable option..

    The shaman class is always a favorite of mine because for one I am a hippy and I love weather/earth related magic. And I like the feel of a melee class as well... So I assume Ill be leveling with shaman, possibly taking on a healer role, and pvping with inquisitor and druid... However, I am very reluctant to playing a druid because I do NOT like having a pet.. I do not know much about the inquisitor but from what I have read she has a lot of utility and can be fun to play and is excellent at pvp. However, I am not a big fan of ranged combat.

    Another option I have considered is the rogue nightblade class. I am not a fan at all of stealth / backstab gameplay, so I would only be considered rogue for its for in your face sword combat. and nightblade seems to go that route and does not seem to lack in either pve or pvp...

    If the rift community could please give me some suggestions and correct me on the information I am wrong about I would greatly appreciate some feedback..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yogarogue View Post

    Now from what I have gathered, with the class that I choose I will pretty much be playing most of the souls associated with it.
    you're not as confused as you think you actually get it. you will indeed use many of your souls if you want to get the most out of your class. It sounds like the only one you really want to stay away from is mage.
    Quote Originally Posted by Frailaq View Post

    tl;dr - Trion should do this: Melee = Turret Ranged > Mobile Ranged

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    hihi my 2 cents:

    I just found Rift like a month ago, and I'm currently a Level 52 cleric. Part of what I like about Rift is that once you create a Cleric, you don't need to recreate your char when you found out you messed up with the skill tree somewhere. In this 1 month, I have done these:
    - got my 2nd and 3rd roles
    - respec my skill trees like 20? 30? times
    - created another 3 chars - a warrior, a rogue, a mage and got them to level 20-30
    - tried playing inquisitor, druid, shaman, justicar, warden, sentinel, bard, marksman, ranger, saboteur, necro, elementalist, pyro, chloro, beastmaster

    Rift is fun because you get to try out everything and still won't mess up! happy trying

    and my conclusions now:
    - actually I'm a melee class! Druid is my fav
    - actually I'm a lousy healer! Lets just say my 3 cleric roles don't contain a healing role. bad memories.

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    The Variety is what makes rift fun I am a rogue tank that is also a stealthy bastard!

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