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Thread: How much freedom do I have in soul tree choices? (and other questions)

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    Default How much freedom do I have in soul tree choices? (and other questions)

    I am a new player who has been eyeing this game for a while now, and installed it today after looking around at some of the soul trees and fooling around with the Soul Tree Calculator on Rifthead. Customization of playstyles and abilities is one of my favorite features for a game, and I love the variety available through the soul tree system. So, as the title says, how much freedom do I have in making my own builds? How much can I deviate from the popular cookie-cutter builds without becoming inviable and ruining my DPS/HPS/Tankiness?

    From my googling and searching on this forum, I found a few players saying they have multiple builds saved within the same role, so they can switch to whichever is most viable for the next fight. I understand the usefulness of this, but don't find it particularly appealing myself, and I don't want to split myself into learning how to play that many soul trees - potentially soul trees I would not enjoy playing. Would I be able to get away with having only 1 or 2 builds for a role? I could easily see myself with two builds, for example one for Single-Target and one for AoE, but I'm not sure if I want to dedicate much beyond that.

    Finally, I would hazard to say I have a certain level of common sense, at least when it comes to PvE. I would obviously not try to make a character to fill two roles at once. A player trying to be half-tank half-healer in a dungeon in WoW will fail miserably at both, and I assume it's the same here.

    That said, in most MMOs, PvP is very different, and there's usually more wiggle room from the rigid roles needed for dungeons and raids. I'm curious if making a dual-role spec could be viable in PvP? I know there's no such thing as aggro or true "tanking" in PvP - I mean this more as a versatility thing. For example, focusing most of your points in an offensive soul, but splashing additional points into a defensive soul to add tankiness and utility skills, sacrificing a bit of DPS so you are not a glass cannon.

    I got carried away with this huge wall of text, so thanks in advance for reading through and for any answers I get.

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    It depends on what you're doing.

    Solo questing? It doesn't matter.
    Soloing stuff? Still doesn't matter.
    Hunt Rifts? Still doesn't matter.

    PvPing? You need a good spec to do well but you literally get the full rewards just for showing up.

    Experts/Raiding you need a min/maxed spec or you have a really good chance of not being invited or being votekicked. Sometimes you get credit for just trying.

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    Specs only really matter for two things: raids and pvp

    In raids, you need (absolutely need) the cookie-cutter specs for min/maxing. This is pretty much 61 blah with very few exceptions. Some 61 pt specs are better than others. It depends on the people you're running with whether or not you need to learn all the specs, but it doesn't hurt to learn all of them. Nothing is super complicated in this game and you can get a rotation down pretty easily with a little practice.

    Depending on the calling, you can in fact learn just one spec and be happy with it. For example, if you're a rogue, nightblade can be used on pretty much every encounter (although not optimally) and still be competitive. This is not to say you should just nightblade everything, different encounters need different specs. Tanking also requires learning only one, maybe two, specs. However, if you were to go, say, healing cleric, you pretty much have to learn all the healing specs and because they all have their niches.

    For pvp, it's a different story because of subsouls. There is a great amount of variety that people use for pvp specs depending on their own preferences. For example, a pvp 61 marksman can go 10sin/5nb for damage or maybe 11rs/4tact for survivability. It's not about min/maxing, it's about killing the other guy without getting killed yourself.

    Dual-role specs
    Yes, it would fail miserably in pve. There are exceptions (like warrior dps tank build), but they generally require being overgeared for the encounter.

    In pvp there's some leeway, but not too much. The way Trion reworked souls is that the good stuff is beyond hybriding numbers. A lot of specs are pretty dependent on their 61 point skill.
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