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Thread: Cleric Tank Starting Raiding Requirement Help!

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    Default Cleric Tank Starting Raiding Requirement Help!

    Hi, I'm a cleric tank looking to enter raid for the first time and i would like to know what are the minimum requirement for a tank to properly handle T1 Raids.

    My Current self buff stats are as follows:
    Health: 51520
    Armor: 59510
    Wisdom: 1263
    Spell power: 2021
    Dodge: 3.75%
    Parry: 5.70%
    Block: 26.32%+5% (refuge) = 31.32%
    Hit: 425
    Toughness : 400
    Life resist: 2075
    Death resist: 1948
    Fire resist: 2108
    Water resist : 1883
    Earth resist: 2034
    Air resist: 2152

    With my current stats, which T1 raids can i do?
    I also have a question about the various resist, should i focus on stacking a particular type of resist?
    Looking forward to some advice. Thank you.

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    You should be able to do Triumph of The Dragon Queen, as long as you are in a guild that does it regularly. Usually pickup groups only take overgeared people.

    As for resists try to spread them out, your only source of a particular resist stat comes from lesser essences, and it's really expensive to replace those, and you don't want to be gimped each time you enter a new dungeon because you have little resist of that element. Also as a side note you shouldn't decide which piece of essences to get based on their resist element.

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