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Thread: Group leveling with friends

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    Default Group leveling with friends

    Hi! I played RIFT at launch and about six months after but haven't played since. Now me and four friends want to start again and I'm wondering about what classes and souls is best for us, we want to level through dungeons mostly and we will always play together. So we want a full group that completes each others classes/souls and make a strong party for leveling in dungeons.

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    Well welcome back to rift. This is an easy question to answer.

    There being only 4 classes in rift and with every class capable of preforming different roles required in a group I say play what you want to play.

    That being said understand what it is you and your friends WANT to play.

    Class = Main roles + additional roles

    Cleric = Healer + Support/Tank/Dps
    Warrior=Tank + Support/Dps
    Rogue=Dps(mostly melee some range) +tank/support
    Mage=DPS(99%magic basic 1 melee) +healer/support

    Onces 3.0 comes out every class will be capable of every role with the purchase of additional new souls.

    Understand what role you wanna play and what class has the MOST of that role available for variety. For example if you have a passion for tanking you can play rogue or cleric but warriors have 3 MT souls and is a better choice for being a MT, as Cleric is a great choice if your passion is healing. If you care for DPS Rogue/Mage are great choices, Though warrior DOES have some good in your face DPS options.

    So you and your friends can pick any class they want I would make sure to know who is willing to fill what role and make sure they pick a class that can fill that role.

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    ...aaaand there are 5 roles to fill:

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