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Thread: New warrior pvp build 48/28 wl para

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    Default New warrior pvp build 48/28 wl para

    ok so i cant take credit for this build, i tried it out about a month ago and didnt think it was on par with 61wl and it honestly might not be. i had a warrior say it he liked it and was on the fence like me as well around the time i stopped playing it.

    i recently gave it another try and i re worked how i set up my points and my rotation and i must say i think it is better than 61 wl. at least burst wise and vs range.

    heres the spread

    builder macro is
    cast rw
    cast Empowering strike
    cast SP
    cast piercing thrust
    cast arterial strike
    cast backhand

    Burst macro is
    cast Shifting blades
    cast KOTH
    cast tranquility
    cast RW

    keep RH on its own
    keep killing field on hits own

    keep the snare and both surges on its own key
    macro your charges together
    keep both pulls on there own keys
    keep flurry on its own key

    simple rotation
    SP times 3 tactical surge
    SP times 3 battle surge (use only if you have some decent healer or not getting focused)
    (use SP at a safe distance)
    then SP times 2, charge
    Burst macro times 4
    either RH or killing field depending on how much health is left.
    then spam builder x 3 fin until SB is back off cd

    this hits extremely hard in melee, even harder than 61 wl. i have seen back to back koth and tranquility crits with SB procs.

    pros/cons over 61 WL

    better burst and more consistent burst every 15 secs you get awesome burst
    better vs range. can dominate any range build 1 v 1 because its got a 35% reduced damage from range between piercing thrust bonus and tranquility bonus
    better sustained and higher crit rate

    energy starved more than 61 wl. this spec really struggles with energy
    less aoe (KF during BE) not really a big deal
    not as much health or as tanky
    shorter pull range
    no range finisher

    no range finisher is really the only draw back but you have decent utility to keep players in range plus pick up tranquility and flurry for ranged attacks.

    give it a try let me know what you think

    also right now i am using a slightly different version with speccing out of improved flowing strikes and into weapon master for 50% chance. i must say i am on the fence which one is better. its pretty rng dependent with weapon master but its nice going finisher..piercing..rw finisher after you just finished your burst rotation.
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    damnit posted this in the wrong section can i get this moved to the warrior section please

    edit feel free to close this im going to re post in the correct location
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