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Thread: Returning player... from a 4 month break...

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    Default Returning player... from a 4 month break...

    Hello everybody! I'm a returning player (4 months break) and as i'm returning (:P), i'm a bit confused at choosing what class to play.
    And as this game is currently the record of "the game that can change the most in mere 4 months class-balancing-wise", i could simply say that if i ask a question like "what class should i roll for X purpose?" the answer would change in 1 month or less...
    So after all of this, i'd simply like to get some answers about classes. The questions i'm gonna ask are not about "what should i roll bla bla?" but they are gonna help me to pick a class to continue leveling...
    BTW, forget warriors, i do not like'em much... Consider only rogues, clerics and mages. Here we go.

    Ranged DPS? Current Best to current worst.
    Melee DPS? Current Best to current worst.
    Healing? Current most useful and welcome to most useless and "badcome" (in raids of course)

    I know, rogues, clerics and warriors are balanced tanking-wise so you can forget about that.
    Of course those answers should be endgame-wise.
    BTW is it true that at lower levels (1-59), Necromancer currently outdps Pyro? Has pyro downgraded so much? q.q

    Well that's it, and also avoid answering with "pick the one you like the most", because generally, a post like this implies that i like those 3 classes i mentioned and i'm really confused about choosing one, so simply answering like:
    Ranged DPS: X Mage > Y Cleric > X Cleric > Z Mage
    would be more than enough. Although i searched through forums looking for the answers, i'm mostly confused about Mage healing vs cleric healing. If you can't answer the past question try to at least focus at this >.>

    Thank you for your attention and avoid biased posts. Oh, and if you are gonna write a biased post, simply pretend that the guy that posted this is a cookie and does not have hands so this post is actually an illusion!

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    ranged dps cleric > mage = rogue
    melee dps cleric = rogue >= mage

    based on what I have seen in guild and pug raids other people will have seen different

    all healers are useful, ideally raids will always have a mix of mage and cleric healers.
    Quote Originally Posted by Frailaq View Post

    tl;dr - Trion should do this: Melee = Turret Ranged > Mobile Ranged

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    Mages have the most ranged DPS options. Rogues and warriors have the most melee DPS options. Clerics have the most healing options. Warriors have the most tanking options. None of these mean one class or the other is "better" as the classes with less options will generally have a more versatile spec. However it is good to have a mix of available options in a raid, as the balance of the game changes rapidly from patch to patch.

    For healing you are limited to mages and clerics and both are important to have. While chloros can cover any HPS requirement and provide more raid DPS and flexibility within their one healing spec, clerics have more tools in their specialized specs to deal with mechanics.

    For ranged and melee DPS this is a constantly changing balancing act. Melee DPS will be higher than ranged DPS in general because melee is less forgiving, and single-target focused specs will usually do more damage to one target than specs with high AoE.

    Mages only have one melee spec, and Clerics only have two (one is currently not raid-viable), so their melee specs will generally be more overall capable. Warriors and rogues have to be selective of which spec will yield the most benefit for a particular fight. For some fights it is also beneficial to use ranged DPS specs because of mechanics.

    Any discussion of "who is the highest right now" is either limited to PTS parsing or is irrelevant because you will rarely find enough people at the same skill level to compare. In other words, using the proper spec, playing it well, and doing mechanics properly are all far more important than who is currently the top PTS parser.

    Low level balance is not a large concern in any aspect of the game. Pyro and necromancer were both substantially reworked in Storm Legion so I would not be surprised if they are significantly different at low levels than they were previously. Necromancer and Elementalist can beat out Pyro at level 60 if you are not as good at Pyro and have low gear.

    So overall. As always, I suggest trying each and seeing which playstyle and toolbox you like best.
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