As I listen to Ascend Into the True Faith, I begin to ponder what class I should adopt as my main. In terms of soloing and questing, Cleric has always been my favorite; first with the Duracell, and now with the Glacial Priest (lol tanking IAs with top dps and heals). Rogues have long held my fascination, since their ability to strike when, where, and how they choose infuriates when playing against as much as it invigorates when playing as. Warriors are the class I always play in any game, something about heavy armor and heavier arms floats my boat, and I would so love to stick with one. But Mage... the class I suffered through a fail HK guild with, that I swore off raiding because of having to perform so many lesser and demeaning roles with, has been my main since launch, and has wardrobe slots, pets, and mounts galore; memories fond and foul alike emerge when I think of my past adventures.

I thought that the ability to accomplish near any role I choose with any class would cure me of my alotoholicism, but I fear the differences in how each class performs a given role have proven me incorrect. I love tanking on my Cleric and Rogue as much as I despise it on my Warrior, similar to my feelings regarding Rogue support versus Warrior or Mage support. Were it not for reputation grinds, I would have no issue at all; as minor as they may be to some that particular aspect of the game is antithesis to all I hold fun, for without it I would be able to play whatever I wish with no remorse. Alas I must maximize my rep with one character before that may happen insofar as runes are concerned, and even that solitary achievement paralyses me in deciding which to main because of the essences some grant.

Truly, I am as bound by indecision as a typical omnivore is when deciding what should be for dinner. I have choices, so many options, and though I wish to select them all if I ever hope to raid I cannot. And so, do I choose what I have the most experience with? Do I choose what is most gratifying? How do I measure my experience and levels of gratification? I enjoy facerolling simplicity as much as I appreciate levels of complicated rage strong enough to inspire the destruction of my controller, or in this case keyboard and mouse, thus neither is a better indication of pleasure than the other.

Perhaps most importantly, it is currently two days until payday and I am now out of whiskey. How now shall I fill my cup?