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Thread: Considering coming back - what's changed/what's good?

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    Default Considering coming back - what's changed/what's good?

    So I quit in June after clearing GA with all chars and not really getting much from the game in the way of challenge. Considering coming back on a casual raiding basis to try the new t2 raids but have completely lost track of class changes in the (almost) 6 months I've been gone.

    I'm mainly a DPS or raid healer. My original main is mage but I've cleared FT/EE and GA with all four classes before I quit so was capable in almost anything.

    So whose op DPS these days and who I can roll face on keyboard and win?
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    Ranged =

    Tempest > Inquisitor > Pyromancer > Marksman.

    Melee =

    Paragon > Shaman > Harbinger > Assassin (Assassins is mostly down to the problem that new content some bosses u cant stand behind them so they having positional issues atm but are overall really nice DPS tbh, just that needs fixing)


    I'd Say Marksman and Harbinger are the easiest, but it is opinon based, i find things harder others find easier etc etc, depends what u really are good at or excel at overally.

    since overhauls Warriors are sitting in a really nice place though.

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