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Thread: Role question: Difference between healing and support?

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    Default Role question: Difference between healing and support?

    What is the difference between healing and support? I'm not sure what "support" could mean if it doesn't mean healing (or dps).

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    support means raid-wide buffs that increase damage, healing taken or resistances. CC is generally not considered support in pve (not sure about pvp) although dominator will get a support flag

    the support souls are bard, archon, beastmaster and crusader. some people will count defiler, dominator and tactician too
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    There are a few definitions of support depending on the context.

    For 5-man dungeons, support means someone who is flexible and can provide either additional DPS or healing as needed. For undergeared groups it is usually helpful to add some group healing so the healer can focus on the tank. For well-geared groups it is most helpful to do DPS. Defiler, Druid, Warden, and Chloromancer count as this category of support as far as the LFG tool for dungeons is concerned. The other support souls also count but they are not generally as useful in dungeons, other than Bard.

    For raids, support means a Bard or Archon/Beastmaster -- someone who is there primarily to provide buffs and debuffs. Archon/Beastmaster additionally provide decent DPS, and Bard provides subpar DPS as well as some healing.

    Finally there are the ambiguous support souls.

    Dominator is support because it has a lot of crowd-control abilities. This is useful in specific situations in raids as well as dungeons if you wish to leverage it, but is most useful in PvP.

    Tactician is support because it provides both AoE DPS and AoE healing as well as a few buffs. It is not "required" in a raid setting like the true raid support souls however.
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