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Thread: Defining your role in Rift

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    Default Defining your role in Rift

    Playing a game that allows you to play different roles is great, but what about those of us that gravitate towards one role in particular and choose to only play that one because they feel that it best suits there style of game play. in rift your are required to play multiple roles in order to be the best at dps . little is done to encourage sticking with one role and playing it when ever possible. why cant a game mechanic be implemented that encourages people to find gear that makes them excel at one specific role. for instance armor that increases certain abilities whithen a certain tree. making you an optimal whatever class you are trying to play. you could still swap roles out in case someone drops out of raid and you need to pick up the slack, but you will be slightly less effective at it. the end result would be people being able to be the best at role they choose to call their main role. and allow a deeper sense of ownership of you toon.

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    Because there are countless MMOs that do that already. Rift's emphasis on flexibility is by far the best thing about it.

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    The whole system is designed to NOT limit you to one role. I love being able to mix and match my souls. Being only able to play at 100% in one role sounds very un-fun.
    You can already get synergy crystals for a significant boost to chosen souls!

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    My deep sense of toon ownership kinda derives from my ability to be better than someone else in every role.

    I'm not perfect, but with the people you gotta carry throgh experts these days... well theres some motivation to be able to do whatever is needed.
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