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Thread: Can you pick your souls?

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    Default Can you pick your souls?

    I played this game about a year ago. I left and recently returned.
    When I played a year ago, we picked our souls.
    Now, I begin a new character and I choose one of five categories and the game picks my three souls. It even suggests which talents to take.
    Can I pick my own souls instead of using the categories?
    Is it usually best to use the talents that the game suggests that I use?

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    Sure you can! Just click "close" on the pre-build screen and any soul with 0 points in it can be swapped out freely. If you do a soul reset at a trainer then that's all 3 of them. Swap 'em and pick your points as you desire after that.

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    what you are seeing at the start are some defacto pre-built specs, some are appropriate, others not soo much, but yes.. you have every option in the world to do as you please. another plus in the books for Rift, for it's un-rivaled customization.

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    Also not even all of the possible purposes (premades) are available at the chargen screen. Last alt I rolled, Cleric only had 4 options. Once you're in-game you have like 8 or 10 to choose from.

    Notably, you no longer have to quest for or purchase souls ever, you get them all to start with.

    While abilities still have effective skill ranks, they auto-train for free when you level up.

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