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Thread: Necromancer tree questions

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    Default Necromancer tree questions

    First off.. The last few Betas I've been playing the Warrior so I was hoping to get these questions answered prior to B5 if possible.

    I'm looking pretty hard at the Necromancer as my starting soul. Questions on a few things.
    1. Will the Warlock Soul play well with the Necro? If not, what 2nd/3rd souls should I pay attention to?
    2. Consumption talent: Will this talent still return mana is there is no buff to purge off the enemy? If not, will the cast fail or will it be a wasted?
    3. Are there any talents in the Necro tree that sound better than they are and should be ignored?


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    Warlock goes very well indeed with Necro.

    I believe consumption will return mana even if there isn't a buff to remove... but I'll have to say, I wasn't paying that much attention for the very short time I played a necro build.

    All the abilities I got to try on the necro (I was level 23 when I tried a necro spec) did what they said on the tin, from what I could tell.

    Again the proviso above, that I only tried it out for a short time toward the end of beta, when I was trying a bunch of different souls out - and kinda got hung up on enjoying the heck out of a Chloro build I tried.


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