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Thread: Cleric Soul Tree

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    Default Cleric Soul Tree

    My focus is primarily PvE, for raids etc. Built to be a main burst healer with HoT support, and a few points in sentinel for the awesome bonuses early in the tree. http://rift-planner.com/#?archetype=...16,5_&lang=eng

    I am unsure of the usefullness of the blessings completely but I picked the one that seemed a bit more useful in PvE

    Another build I was thinking about flip flops my role, Primarily HoT support with burst when needed.


    comments are much appreciated

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    For the first one, I think you should either go 32 purifier or 44 purifier, not in between. I tried to fix this and make a new spec but it didn't seem to be quite what you were looking for.

    Your primarily HOT support build is closer to what I'm thinking about but I do it with Warden/Purifier. This is for pure PvE right? Well since you went high in Sentinel and Warden, I would just try to make it more efficient in terms of points spent and try to get the abilities at 26, 32, 36, 44 in these increments, but I don't particularly like this split too much.

    Hope you get more advice from others as I'm not beta-testing, just looking closely at the trees.

    One thing that's possible. You could consider 21 purifier (get lambent blaze), 44 warden, 1 sent. Or 44 purifier, 21 warden (get ripple), 1 sent. Yeah, that's what I would be looking at. Warden get's a 2 second cast time group heal at 44 pts (if you want sentinel for group heals, which is why i liked it at first, but what's the point if warden seems to get the best one and you have the pts for it). Try the specs you want to, you will be able to fix them once you get going in game if they aren't working, since you will be sent/warden/puri, and not concerned about PvP.

    Again hope others have advice to offer.

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