Rather than dump 51 points into the Nightblade tree to utilize Melee AND Ranged abilities, I decided to do a 36 NB / 30 RS / 0 X build.


With this build you will utilize the ranged stealth openers/the melee attacks of the Nightblade tree/and the defensive+offensive planes shifting buffs.

A typical 1v1 would be something like this:

Stealth > Lost Hope (Incap.) > Shadow Shift > Dark Malady > Fiery Spike 3x > Scourge of Darkness > Ebon Fury > Spam Dusk Strike / Blazing Strike > ...whatever you feel needs to come next. (Teleport, Primal Strike spam, CC, etc...)

To me, this build feels like it would be extremely capable of dishing out some serious elemental damage and being able to withstand a pounding at the same time.

The third soul could either go Ranger for ranged auto-attack and pet or Sab for ranged slow since this build leaves out Twilight Force to allow more points into Riftstalker.