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Thread: Question for Bards

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    Default Question for Bards

    A question for all you out there that have tested the Bard soul, did anyone test this because I didn't.

    I understand that Codas and Finishers use combo points as a requirement, but are they both one in the same? Are Combo Point releasing abilities all the same thing with no variance between souls in a calling i.e I could put ponts into the Nightblade Souls Coupe De Grace and increase the Bards Codas debuffs duration or damage increase.
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    First, Codas are finishers the same as any other. It doesn't matter if the combo points are built with cadence or quick shot, they're the same combo points and can be used for any of the calling's many finishers. As such, Coda of Wrath and Coda of Fury are almost certainly increased by Coup de Grace.

    Second, since Coup de Grace specifies that it increases the damage of finishers, I would be surprised if it increased any other numeric values. It's probably worth testing, both for non-damaging bard finishers (especially the heal) and things like Rift Guard.

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    So just because for a bard they are all called codas doesn't change the fact that they are a Finisher.

    Okay. It was just brought up as a question because someone was planning on getting a bonus from the Nightblade Finisher boost to improve the Codas and every ability I checked other than Codas was called a Finisher.

    Playing around with some build planners and I brought up the point as it seemed odd everything was called a Finisher except for the Codas. I just didn't want them to get it to boost their Codas if it didn't in fact boost the Coda. I wouldn't expect by the description for them to improve anything other than damage dealt by the Coda, at least not the "Increases the damage of your finishers by X%" one.

    Coda = Finisher, okay.

    If it doesn't I can think back to this day and shake my fist angrily. Hopefully it doesn't come to something so drastic .

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