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Thread: First build pvp or pve i dont care

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    Default First build pvp or pve i dont care

    This is for Mage Necromancer/Warlock http://rift.dev.zam.com/cluster/stc....zzuo.xeoAzVV0o what you guys think and some tips info on how to build my spec im not new to mmos but i am new to this game.

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    Without at least one point in lingering pain you will been to waste a GCD on refreshing life leech (one point is probably sufficient to keep it up) every so often. I suppose it depends on if you plan to use it . . . *shrug* (You don't seem to be speccing void bolt anyway but it seems like with what you are speccing you might want to reconsider . . .)

    Consumption seems pointless for mana regen, so it'd only be for debuffing.

    Just a couple thoughts anyway.
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