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Thread: Melee Rogues and Clerics

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    Thumbs down Melee Rogues and Clerics

    I wish people would take a deep breath and wait till the game comes out before they whine about overpowered or broken classes. The level cap was 27 for beta4 so there are alot of spells and skills from higher up the soul tree or down in the roots that havent been used yet.

    Healers are usually good early on when there are few stuns, fears, silences and mana drains. Melee rogues have some problems but let Trion work out the kinks. Sorry you rogues can't stun lock someone and burn them down before they can cast a spell.

    I realize there is nothing to do but wait for the game to come out and troll the forums, but please for the love of christ, wait for launch.
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    Melee rogues are alwayss useless early game. Why is anyone surprised. Don't start the stun lock debate again... We all know healers hate it, rogues it's a must have.

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