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Thread: Control Your Crowd Sir/Ma'am! - A Guide to the Dominator

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    Default Control Your Crowd Sir/Ma'am! - A Guide to the Dominator

    GamingWeez returns with a new guide, created by a fellow forum member, about the Dominator.

    If you are looking to control the battle and help your group succeed, this might be the right class for you!

    CLICKIE HERE for everything Dominator!

    Lastly, don't forget that these guides are all created by YOU! That's right, forum members and RIFT followers have been creating these guides and sharing them through GamingWeez. We have already uploaded the Chloromancer, Archon, Bard and Pyromancer guides and invite you to Submit YOUR guide to YOUR soul! (or anything else RIFT related that you'd like to rant, talk, or share.

    Enjoy everyone!

    Bringing Online Gaming to the Web 2.0
    See our RIFT guides for Shaman, Archon, Chloromancer, Bard and more.

    All the Guides, News and Information on the Games YOU play.

    Visit our new website at www.GamingWeez.com

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    Hey hey! It's my guide! Already has its own thread though. .. don't see a need for a second one not that I don't mind the publicity

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