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Thread: Champions skill bloodthirst and how it works.

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    Default Champions skill bloodthirst and how it works.

    Hey, im pretty sure this has been asked/talked about but searches brought up nothing so sorry in advance

    Does anyone know how Bloodthirst in the Champion tree works?

    I would of thought it was when you specifically killed someone but then I thought about when your in a group/raid and you still get credit for a kill( or at least in warfronts I got alot more kills recorded than I thought I even hurt), would this trigger Bloodthirst?

    I thought this skill would suck (I thought it would only trigger on your own killing blows) but it would really rock if it triggers whenever anyone in your group got a killing blow (I presume you'd have to get an assist of sorts).

    So if anyone knows thanks and if not i'll just have to wait till beta5 to try it out
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    I didn't test it, but it certainly reads like deathblow only. Not group kill credit.

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    In other games, this type of skill activates when any mob you or you group has tagged dies. No KB required, nor personal contribution. However, I haven't used it in this game to know if that's how it works here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nezitx View Post
    I didn't test it, but it certainly reads like deathblow only. Not group kill credit.
    I did it was fine.
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