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Thread: Bard pure support build

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    Default Bard pure support build


    Trying to come up with a pure utility/support oriented bard build.

    Stopped at 44 points in bard to get Verse of Vitality. Spending 7 more points to get Verse of Joy didn't seem worth it for now at the expense of getting some key abilities in the other two souls.

    Nightblade goes to rank 12 to get Incapicitate and Dark Malady. In PVE dungeon groups Incapacitate will allow you to perform crowd control. Dark Malady at 12 gives you a debuff that adds 20% more damage to the target for 8 seconds. I figured in a PVE group or rift event this could be a significant amount of hidden DPS you can contribute. The ranged DPS abilities of the Nightblade would complement the ranged attacks from the bard soul. in rift events ranged DPS seems to have the advantage over melee DPS so with bard and NB, you could do everything from range.

    Riftstalker to 10 primarily to increase survivability. If the 51 point bard skill turns out to be a "must have", I would take the 7 points out of here to get to 51 bard.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

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    One thing I read about another day was that all heals from Bards benefit 100% from dex, and IF that's true, for a true support bard build I'd have to have Sab for that 15% dex since it'll influece the heals a lot.
    I made some changes to that initial build you posted based on that dex assumption turning out to be true: http://rift-planner.com/#?archetype=...19,5_&lang=eng
    Also, this build uses the 51 pt skill of bard because that think looks to be way too awesome not to use it. I'll probably be rolling like this once I'm 50

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