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Thread: Hunter weapon!(about loot)

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    Default Hunter weapon!(about loot)

    Sorry for the strange post-name, but all you who have played WoW must be familiar with the fact that Ninjas exist and they steal your hard earned loot.

    How is it in rift so far? have you met any ninjas? Or semi-ninjas? (semi-ninja= "im currently using a twohander but im gonna respecc and use a 1-hander soon, promise!)

    Just asking because being ninjaed was one of the things i hated most in WoW, and since 8 souls gives us alot more flexibility with gear, the chances are that 1 person could need every item that drops in a dungeon.(for different speccs ofc.)

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    I'm sure this will happen, I mean me personally my main role will be PvP dps but I will have a tank role to give me more options for grouping, as my main will be champion I will want 2 handers and offensive gear but as tank I'd want 1 hand/shield and defensive armour.

    I was thinking I could just need only for the role im currently playing but then how'd I get gear for both? Heh I dunno.

    I actually only grouped with guildies so I didnt come across any ninja's
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    Aside from that I can see warriors possibly rolling on leather or a cleric on cloth or leather.

    Weapons are going to be more open play but if you run groups with friends it shouldn't be a problem.

    The only ninja bug is that if your bags are full the item on the boss can be looted by anyone.

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