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Thread: Looking for some advice.

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    Question Looking for some advice.

    I want some constructive opinions about this sepc


    Wana go for dps, but able to back up heal in pvp, if needed. Or something elce if the cards fall right and am given suggestions.

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    For backup healing in justicar I would suggest getting to reprisal for sure, otherwise you have one semi-spammable AOE heal that doesn't heal much on it's own. Honestly if your gonna want the heart series as well in shaman if your wanting to be more support based, it's very good depending on the fight to have those raid-wide elemental resist buffs. You also stopped right before you got the really nice AOE heal from druid tree and I don't understand that either.

    This might be an OK 1v1 build in PvP of some sort but other than that I see better ways to build it for group situations.

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