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Thread: A good PvE, pet class (soul) spec?

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    Default A good PvE, pet class (soul) spec?

    Would anyone happen to have a good PvE, pet class (soul) spec? I would prefer the "calling" to be Mage, and the main soul to be Necromancer. (I prefer the Necromancer over the likes of any other Rift, pet class). I would like to test out a "PvE, pet class" come next beta phase
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    A bit harder to play but: PVE = bard
    The Ranger Pet gets every motif: Healing, damage, crit, hpbuff, vigor.
    It also gets the healing from cadence 100% if 3 points put in.

    The bard AOE dots their group.
    and singularly dots the enemy. (cadence, debuff, pet) while hitting with ranger cc's and arrows/sab for +dex and more snare/traps.

    the speed and snares and pets should keep you alive 95% of the time.. Even the roving rift zerging aliens in groups of 5 or 6.
    Always lay the trap.. if you stop, put it down for the (didn't see that over there.) It atacks and you back away at speed while it goes slowmo or bleeds.
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    Well necro is good for PvP.

    Pet classes besides the necro would be elementalist, beastmaster, ranger, or druid...as far as mage you can choose between elementalist and necro.

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