Hello there I was thinking a few things about Surging Flames and how it could be used for both Main Tank healing, also topping off both pets and melee DPS.

The theory behind it is that most of my focus in the Purifier Tree is about critical healing and critical chance, and the main problem is that critical heals normally overhealing, and this is when Surging Flame comes into play.

What if Surging Flame: Healings 70% of Overheal to 5 people within 7meters were to gain benefits from Sentinel tree AoE talents?
A constant buff of Protect the Flock due to minor over heals, if I increase the AoE to possible 10 meters using Embolden it could also heal melee DPS most likely behind the boss.

So this is my suggestion for a soul like this,


Where embolden, Enraptured Breath and Ebb and Flow are the only 3 ones that I think could be mix matched a bit for optimisation.

Your thoughts?