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Thread: Purifier Soul Tree

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    Default Purifier Soul Tree

    Thanks to Ciovala for the video of the Soul Tree

    Branches of the Tree:

    Flame Speaker 0/5
    - Increase the damage and healing of fire based abilities by 2%

    Spirit Guidance 0/5
    - Wisdom increased by 1%

    Requires 5 Points:
    Fiery Kinship 0/5
    - Increase the critical hit chance of fire based abilities by 1%

    Flame Ward 0/5
    - Your armor is increased by 1% for 6 seconds after you cast a heal spell
    - Requires Flame Speaker

    Healing Blessing 0/1
    - 11 Mana Cast time 2s
    - Next 3 times that the cleric takes dmg, benevolent spirits heal them for 83 to 87 health. Only 1 purifier blessing can be active at a time. Lasts 5 min.

    Requires 10 Points:
    Protection of the Ancestors 0/3
    - Increases the amount absorbed by ancestor's Guardian and touch of the guardian by 10%

    Caregiver's Blessing 0/1
    - 43 Mana Cast time 2s
    - The next 3 healing spells cast cannot be interrupted by damage. Only 1 purifier blessing can be active at a time. Lasts 5 min.

    Enflamed Passion 0/5
    - When a heal critically hits, you regain 4 mana pr second for 6 seconds.

    Requires 15 Points:
    Sooth the Flames 0/1
    - 34 Mana instant - Instantly reduces threat against all enemies.

    Improved Caregiver's Blessing 0/3
    - Increases the number of heals that cannot be interrupted by damage by 1.
    - Requires Caregiver's Blessing

    Improved Healing Spirit 0/3
    - Increases number of heals from healing blessing.
    - Requires Healing Spirit

    Requires 20 Points:
    Life's Blessing 0/3
    - Reduce the cd on Healing Blessing, Caregiver's Blessing and Fiery Blessing by 5 seconds.

    Terribly Fate 0/3
    - 25% Chance that soul lance and spirit rupture will reduce any healing done to the target by 25% for 12 seconds.

    Latent Blaze 0/1
    - 67 mana 25 range cast time 3s
    - The next time the target is taken below 30% health, they heal 882 health. Cannot benefit from latent blase for 2 min after being healed by it. Lasts 5 min.

    Requires 25 Points:
    Intense Flames 0/3
    - Healing From healing flame, healing flare and restorative flame is increased by 5%

    Blessing of the Flame 0/2
    - 15% chance when casting a healing spell that the next healing spell will cost 0 mana.

    Fiery Blessing 0/1
    - 43 mana cast time 2s
    - Gain a +50% chance to critically heal target, each critical heal reduces the bonus by 10%. Only 1 purifier blessing can be active at a time. Lasts 5 min.

    Requires 30 Points:
    Surging Flames 0/1
    - 134 mana 25 meter range Cast time 3s
    - Whenever the target is healed past their maximum health, the over healing is spread to all party or raid members within 5 meters of the target. Can only be placed on one target at a time Lasts 5 min.

    Roots of the Tree:

    Soul Lance
    - 11 mana 25 range cast time 2
    - A bolt of light strikes the target for 13 to 15 life dmg.

    Shield of the ancestors
    - 9 mana instant cd 30s
    - instantly shield the cleric for 30s, absorbing 49 dmg. Only 1 shield can be active at a time.

    (2) Healing Flame
    - 17 mana 25 range cast time 2.5s
    - Soothing flame that heals the target for 118 to 82 health.

    (4) Spirit Rupture
    - 19 mana 25 range Cast time 2s
    - Tears a hole in the target's spirit for 16=18 life dmg, in addition to bleeding away their essence for another 28 life dmg over 6s.

    (6) Life of the Ages
    - 34 mana 25 range instant
    - Enhances the life of the selected ally, increasing their health by 111. Lasts 1 hour.
    (8) Cauterize
    - 34 mana 25 range instant
    Cleansing flames wash over the selected ally, removing 1 disease, bleed or physical negative effect.

    (10) Flames of the Phoenix
    - 182 mana 25 range cast time 8 cd 8
    - Bring a fallen ally back to life. This ability cannot be used while in combat.

    (12) Healing Flare
    - 32 mana 25 range instant
    - Quickly heals the target for 19 to 21 health.

    (14) Restorative Flame
    - 83 mana 25 range cast time 3.5
    - Surging fires that heal the target for 485 to 492 health.

    (16) Ward of the ancestors
    - 40 Mana 25 range instant Cd 30s
    - Instantly shields the target for 30s, absorbing 183 dmg. Only 1 shield can be active at a time. Cannot be placed on the caster.

    (18) Searing Transfusion
    - 34 mana 25 range instant cd 30s
    - Instantly reduces the cleric's maximum health by 50%, the selected ally gains that amount to their maximum health and current health. Lasts 30 s.

    (20) Flashover
    - 34 mana instant cd 15
    - The nezt heal spell will critically hit.

    (26) Sterilize
    - 34 mana 25 range instant cd 45
    - Removes all diseases, bleeds, and physical negative effects from the selected ally.

    (32) Wisdom of the ages
    - 43 mana 25 range cast time 2s
    - Enhances the wisdom of the selected ally by 30. Lasts 1 hour.

    (38) Divine Cascade
    - 67 mana 25 range instant
    - When target is healed, searing light erupts from their body to deal 10 to 12 life dmg to all enemies within 5 meters. Does not generate threat. Lasts 15s.

    (44) Rite of the Guardian
    - 34 mana instant 25 range cd 5 min
    - Each time the target takes dmg over the next 30s, a shield forms which absorbs 373 dmg. shield will not form more than 1 time ever 6s. Cannot be placed on the caster.

    (51) Spiritual Conflagration
    - 120 mana channeled 25 range
    - Channels healing energy into the selected ally, healing them for 111 to 116 every second for 8 seconds, in addition the cleric is protected by a shield that absorbs 445 dmg. Only 1 shield can be active at a time.

    Please let me know if I got any of it wrong

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    Looks like a good lineup, sort of wishing this was a guardian starter also, guess i'll get it down the line =0

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    This is the class that interests me the most - I'm glad to see they have a strong healing lineup. Its ok that they aren't guardian, I'll probably pick it up as my first soul, respec, and drop all my points into it making it my primary and only class.
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    Definitely an interesting looking class. Thanks for the list!

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    No combat rez.

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    Fiery Kinship 0/5
    - Increase the critical hit chance of fire based abilities by 1%

    Hopefully this changes to read '-Increases the critical hit and heal chance of fire based abilities by 1%' This would make more sense to a healer-type class.
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    Interesting, will have to compare it to the sentinel tree.
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    There is a transcript of all the trees that have been released to yet on Telarapedia btw :P So no need to retype them, unless you want to that is
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