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Thread: Rogue's in Raids?

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    Default Rogue's in Raids?

    i usually play a rogue in any game i play, and im usually the one left out on the raids since there isn't much I can contribute/ group would rather have a range dps or what have you.

    i know we arent very fay into the betas (max lvl wise) but how do you all see the rogues abilities in groups panning out, and do you think we will be shunned in the raids this time around?
    (i was only in the most recent beta, warfronts)

    i come from daoc, and war mainly.. wow i only played from release until max lvl, vanilla wow/no expansions..

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    The entire idea of Rift is that you tweak a role towards the immediate needs of a group or raid. If they don't need a melee, take your Marksman or Ranger soul. If they need additional buffs or healing, mix in your Bard soul. If they want a 2nd tank or off tank, mix in your Riftstalker.

    That is where Rift shines and how you should approach playing the game. Don't pigeon hole yourself into a being a 51 point Assassin and nothing else. There will certainly be groups that want a straight, hard hitting, single target killer like the Assassin soul. Just be ready to mix things up and adapt for raids.
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    It would depend highly upon the kind of rogue you play.

    Bards are excelent for support buffs, support healing, and can contribute damage while doing both of those things.

    Marksmen/Rangers both seem to do good damage. Whether they do good sustained damage or just good burst damage I am unsure of currently, and no one has really reached high enough lvls to know for certain.

    Melee rogues are generally behind the ranged rogues in terms of overall dps, both sustained and burst currently. There are several reason for this.

    As far as I know only Bards really bring any kind of buffs. Ranged and melee rogues are for damage alone. How viable the various Souls are at max lvl raiding is anyone's guess really at this point. Its simply too early in the beta to know. Without a doubt people are already crunching numbers and such to try to figure it out. But we wont really know how the various Souls balance out in Rift's high end raiding untill people actually get there.

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    you need only lvl 14 to start the soul quests in sanctum or meridian and buy a new role in the rogue npc.
    Takes only 2 seconds to change your role, bard for offheal/buffs and riftstalks for tanking.
    Usually I have a dps role and another one with dps+bard off heals and buffs.

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    if you want roles specific to raids then both Bards for buffing and Saboturs for debuffing are excellent, the ranged DPS also kick out a high amount of damage and lets see what they change with rogues too..

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