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Thread: Elementalist vs necro pet damage (both fully specced for pet skills)

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    Default Elementalist vs necro pet damage (both fully specced for pet skills)

    Elementalist vs necro, both specced high in tree to maximise pet damage. Who's pet does more damage? I know the necro rogue pet does good damage but what about the greater air elemental or the other elemental dps pets? Elementalist get a big dps boost to pet damage if specced for it. Necros do too but have to have dots on the target for some of the damage increase.
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    Elementalist's can fully spec their pets with 100% upkeep debuffs to 120% dmg for the air and fire elemental. Also they have a 100% 15 second duration, 2m cooldown. Of course the greater air elemental needs to have credit given for buffing everyone's spell power, which should be noticable at higher levels.

    On the other hand however, the necromancer pet abilities are death element, and as such do more damage with just the necromancer empowering them through their dot coefficients because not many debuffs help death damage.

    Too early to really tell, plus the souls both work very differently. What works best solo, or grouped, or raid might all change.

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