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Thread: DPS WARRIOR TANKS?: Do you *NEED* more than 1 31 pt. tank soul to tank?

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    Default DPS WARRIOR TANKS?: Do you *NEED* more than 1 31 pt. tank soul to tank?

    I played the last beta with a Paladin/Riftblade, hoping I could make it into a kind of DPS tank, and I just got high enough (lvl 17) to do the first instance when beta weekend ended. I seemed to be able to "tank" rifts fine, soloed well, and did pretty good damage, so I like the build. But...

    1. will that build work for dungeons (let's not get into raid builds yet)?

    2. I have no interest in playing a "giant pillow" tank with +15% health from Paladin, Reaver and VK, and all of that avoidance stuff, so I'm wondering if those of you who *HAVE* DPS tanked can comment on its (in)effectiveness?

    3. please say whether or not you took +aggro abilities, or just picked your favorite tank abilities.

    This is pretty much what I have in mind:


    NOTE: The link isn't showing it, but I do have the top ability in each tree.

    Thanks in advance!
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