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Thread: Melee DPS

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    Default Melee DPS

    Anyone have any builds for Champ/Rift/Para or something similar? I tried out an assassin during beta 4, which is what I typically play as my main, but wasn't really excited with the game play or dps.

    I was planning on trying out a plate dps, but after reading all of the forum posts I am still left wondering what the best... pound for pound overall melee dps plate wearing set up is... preferrably duel weilding...


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    i like Paragon/champion/Riftblade a lot. in beta i used riftblade for storm blade, spec mostly into paragon up till bonus to dual weapons and champion with str bonus/attack point, single target mobs use dual strike till 3 then strike like iron. then repeat till 3 and use the strike that uses your points again, youll get big crits if done correct. do the same with multiple mobs do the same except with the aoe ability instead of dual strike. i dont remember the names of all the abilities off my head but i think its called power strike

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