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Thread: Void Knight Pacts

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    Default The problem is game design, not class.

    If you want to brag about being a "complete MMO at launch," and a "next generation MMO" at that, then make sure you listen to your beta testers before you schedule a release date, or you may be WAR (and other "WoW beaters" who now lie face-down in the dust) a year or so (or *less*) from now...

    Anyone reading these forums can feel how much hope people have for this game, but I'm not convinced that Trion is listening, since they're launching March 1st, ready or not.

    Is the game playable? Of course. The last beta was fun. *But*, is the game as ready as it *should* be (forget about *could* be because there's always something you could do...)?

    To me, all of the best addons for WoW--gear changer, quest tracker, sell-o-matic (in Rift you really want us to click on each piece of gray loot to sell it?--lol come *on*!), threat meter, DBM, Cartographer, customizable buff bars, scrolling combat text, cooldown timers, etc.--should have been integrated into Rift befire the *1st* beta, let alone the last one. And some of them are part of the game. But if Rift isn't going to support addons and thinks that the current bar and combat systems are going to be well received... I am skeptical. I don't see anything here for any class I've played so far even remotely like my old DK disease cooldown timer, or like Milk's Scrolling Combat Text. All you have to do is go to cursegaming.com to see the addons that are in demand. You guys do *play* MMOs, right...?

    All of the current complaints across the forums you're hearing now will be at least double a couple months after the game goes live, because people will have already gotten used to chasing rifts all over the map, and because people will be paying to play.

    Everyone playing beta and posting wants Rift to work, but given the fact that people are *already* abandoning certain souls because the mechanics make them nearly impossible to play, should be a HUGE red flag for Trion. The Blade Dancer I came to play suffers from a lot of what people here are saying about the VK, and if you read elsewhere, you'll find many similar comments.

    I'm assuming Trion is working 24/7 to get things done and ready for the next (final?) beta, but given the release is 6 weeks away--which means the game has to be boxed in about a month, right?--I can't help but wonder if the execs somehow told development when the game was going to be ready, instead of waiting for the developers to say they were through...

    Too much speculation, I suppose, but it seems to me that Rift is still at least several months away from being what it should be at release.

    Hope you guys are setting up cots and buying plenty of pizza and coffee for the actual game makers, who have done brilliant work so far. The first time I saw one of those giant rifts in the sky I was in awe!

    Looking forward to seeing you in the next beta.
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